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New Patient Information

You’ve already done the hard part– making your first appointment. Congratulations… now what? Our new patient process is unique in that 90% of this visit is actually spent with Dr. Wong– not the dental hygienist, dental assistant, or any other personnel. It goes something like this…

Part I– New Patient FormsThis is everyone’s least favorite part, but it is a necessary step in getting to know more about you. We want to know about your medical history, dental history, medications you might be taking, the reason for your visit with us, special needs, and anything important you might need to tell us. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you so we may file it properly. Also, if you take antibiotics before dental visits, be sure to do so 1 hour before you see us. This step usually takes 10-15 minutes but may take longer if you have a lot to tell us. Our new patient forms are available on this website if you wish to download them and fill them out ahead of time.

Part II– Pre-clinical interview. In this part of your visit, Dr. Wong wants to get to know you. Everyone has a story about their mouth, and he wants to hear it. Feel free to voice any concerns, fears, or general questions about your care. This is where you get to do the talking. Dr. Wong may also go over some background information about periodontal disease, implants, and other pertinent items relevant to you. This process usually takes about 10-20 minutes and comes with a risk-free guarantee: After you have had a chance to tell your story and have had an opportunity to hear what our office may have to offer, you may wish to discontinue your visit and owe us absolutely nothing. Any educational material you may be given, photos, etc… are yours to keep.
Part III– The Examination. This is where most surgeons start, but not here. Now that we’ve had a chance to know you, it’s now time to do our exam or “Tour of the Mouth” as we like to think of it. This part usually takes 30-40 minutes and consists of an oral cancer screening, dental charting, periodontal risk assessment, occlusal evaluation, TMJ evaluation, and maybe even x-rays and photos.

Part IV– The Master Plan. After Dr. Wong has had an opportunity to analyze all of your data, it’s now time to come up with a plan to fit your goals. With all of the latest technology and training, we can help you develop a plan appropriate for your needs. Everyone has different budgets, time, fear, commitment, etc… and our goal is to form a plan to fit you…not the other way around. Dr. Wong will also take the time to explain your situation, how you got there, what caused it,and what we can do about it. You’ll be well informed about ideal treatment and the available alternatives.

Part V– Scheduling. If you are ready to move forward with your treatment, Dr. Wong will re-introduce you to our friendly staff to look at your schedule and help you with your next appointment.

There you have it. We certainly hope you enjoy your visit with us. Let us know how we can make the most out of your first appointment.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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