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Dr. David Wong

Dr. David Wong

Serving Tulsa since 2003, we are proud to announce the opening of our new office at 4545 S. Harvard Avenue on the east side of Harvard. Our new 4,000 square foot facility is ideal for our patients. Located on Harvard Avenue, our office is conveniently located just north of I-44 (just take the Harvard exit and go north 1/2 mile… It’s that easy!). Being a free-standing building, our patients don’t compete with others for parking spaces. There’s no parking garage to navigate, no door-man, or parking validation. Just park and come in! Six operatories help to minimize wait times, while our spacious reception area maximizes your comfort when you are not in the dental chair. For friends, spouses, or loved ones who might be accompanying you to your appointment, the reception area has comfortable seating, flat-screen TV, beverage station, and a private restroom. If they have “work” to do or just want to entertain themselves, we also have a work station and phone/tablet/laptop re-charging area for their convenience. Our open, modern, and “minimalist” floor plan makes our office perfect for our patients in wheelchairs: ADA compliant and easy access to all treatment areas. All of our floors are beautifully stained concrete, so there is no carpet or trip hazards. We even have a portable x-ray unit so we can bring our technology to you!

Despite the new amenities, our office is all about patient care. In addition to our portable x-ray unit, our patients have access to the best technology for periodontal care. Our Periolase laser (search it on Youtube or just “Google” it) makes treating gum disease as quick, painless, and inexpensive as possible. Our doctors are in constant development of new surgical techniques; in fact, no one in Oklahoma has published more peer-reviewed papers on periodontal surgery than Dr. Wong. Digital imaging, Virtual Implant Placement (we do your implant surgery twice: first on the computer, then in the mouth), Piezosurgery (for finer precision and fewer complications), and platelet rich plasma (for improved healing) are several ways that our patients get the best treatment possible. ALL of our procedures are guaranteed and our patients NEVER pay for emergency visits or x-rays related to their treatment.

Started by Dr. David Wong in 2003, Route 66 Dental Implants & Periodontics has become one of the most trusted names in Oklahoma. 99% of our patients come from referral, so you’ve never seen an advertisement… In fact, we presently receive referrals from over 225 dentists annually. While we never advertise, our office HAS been featured in mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal (twice!) and Fox News. In addition, we have the #1 most watched YouTube video on periodontal surgery (over 200,000 views!).

At our office, it’s not all about the location, building, and technology because in all honesty, money can BUY all of those things. At Route 66 Dental Implants & Periodontics, it’s about PATIENTS. And that’s not just lip service or something that doctors are just supposed to say… In fact, at the time of our opening, Dr. Wong was the ONLY board-certified periodontist in Tulsa. Board certification is not a requirement to practice in Oklahoma, it’s a CHOICE!

Now it’s your turn to choose… call us today for an appointment! 918.749.1850

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